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Rihanna just because you you have a different hair color doesn’t mean we won’t recognize you BLATANTLY copied Bey’s hairstyle again.  

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Beyonce and Solange in Amsterdam in 2008.


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I would like to thank you all for following me. I just started this blog a day ago to expose the girls who try to be like Legendoncé but fail and I’ve been getting so much support, so thank you! I love you all! <3

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Now Ms. Cyrus I know you gain inspiration from teh Queen but calm it down hun.  Let’s be original.

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Chris better pay homage! 

Chris better get inspiration from the King.

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Floptina thinking she could effortlessly pull this off….dumb bitch.  Stay flopping.  Not to mention Bey also wore those shoes in her Green Light video in 2007. 

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And from the below video you will hear the similarities!

Now who told Big Belly Fartson she could copy the Bey’s worldwide smash hit?

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